Friday, October 11, 2013

SOOO Busy! But so worth it :)

Well Lots has been going on Grayson got another line infection last week but it was only a short stay in the hospital, we went in Oct 1 to Oct 4. he will be on an IV antibiotic for 2 weeks which will end next Wednesday, Clinic went well this week, we mostly talked about his need for O2 but can be alot of things, because when he was originally diagnosed he has PCP pneumonia which is horrible and most kids don't make it when they get it. So we know some damage happened and he is on so much immune suppressant, he can not heal well, he may have developed some asthma from it also so as we go down on his steroid its harder on him, also could just be his infection, or a virus. But it could  just be because his growth is stunted due to the immune suppressant, and so because hes gaining weight but not height it may be his lungs can not being in as much air. Ugh But other then that everything else looked great!  we are tapering his steroid tomorrow :/ Hes been doing good eating and has been trying a few new things each day, turkey, apples, bananas ect...  Other then the dang infection he got last week things are going pretty good :)  He has an extra 4 IV infusions a day so that's a little tiring but worth it of course.  So proud of his progress! Love you little man.

On the girls front its fall break and they are enjoying the relaxing no school schedule, Brynlee has a little cold and has been on lock down from Grayson and is going crazy. LOL They even just surprised me and folded 2 loads of laundry for me!! Love you girls and you are always such sweet hearts and so helping!

Mason is pretty busy at work which he loves! And its doing awesome! Love you hun!

Man I am so blessed to have such an amazing family!

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